Carl Cougar

The Mini Me Collection offers a selection of soft, plump and adorable animals. These animals are a great addition to any promotion or campaign as stuffed animals have a high rate of retention, with universal appeal. The perfect gift for resorts as plush toys will be taken home and treasured. Their durability makes them a gift that will be enjoyed for years and a continuous reminder of a memorable trip.

*Upgrade your presentation of this item with our Organza bag, see pricing below. 


Go wild over the Mini Me Collection. These soft, plump & adorable animals, with a t-shirt to display your logo or message, available in white, red, blue or black. Measuring 6 inches in height, Carl Cougar is an ideal product for fundraising resells. Plush toys are cute! 100% polyester plush & 100% polyester filling. This product complies with all U.S. or Canada Consumer Product Safety Improvement (CPSIA) requirements.

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