Custom Plush

Custom plush toys can be designed from an existing brand character or mascot. Or created from a unique concept to bring an entirely new idea to life, and give a company a mascot with a personality that connects in a memorable and engaging way with customers, children, fans or staff. 

1 – Send us the design…

2 – Receive a quote…

Plush pricing depends on:
– Character design and pattern complexity
– Size of plush
– Fabrics chosen
– Detail (clothing, embroidery, printing, plastic parts, etc.)
– Tags and packaging
– Quantity

For custom plush 6” or larger, we can make as few as 1,200 pieces.

For smaller than 6”, minimum is 2,400 pieces.

3 – Plush toy prototyping…

Once we are given the go ahead, we create a prototype sample.

Pricing is $416.67 (C) per design. 

The plush prototype starts from a pattern based on the character’s artwork, design decisions and material preferences. From the pattern a hand-made physical custom plush is created, which is sent to our customers for feedback. There may be several revisions to the prototype sample before final approval and the process can take 2 to 6 weeks

4 – Toy making time…

After the plush toy prototype sample is approved, fabrics and materials are ordered and manufacturing begins using the pattern made from the approved prototype sample. Each plush is individually made by hand, hence no two pieces will be exactly alike. 

Dependent on complexity of design and quantity, production is 90 to 120 days. 

5 – Quality control…

Before being packed to ship, the plush toys are checked for quality assurance. Standard plush toy testing includes placing all toys through a metal detector to ensure no lost sewing needles make it into the toys. 

All our plush toys are tested by certified toy testing labs that perform U.S. CPSIA or Canada CCPSA tests, dependent on where product is being delivered. And other tests as required by each country and region to meet federal and international safety standards. 

Furthermore, every effort is made to safeguard against any safety concern that is not covered by current regulation. 

CPSIA Certified

Examples shown are for reference only and cannot be reproduced. All designs, copyrights and trademarks are protected by their respective owners. 

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