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Why plush

Making the world a softer place

Corporate Branding

Everybody loves a plushie!

Young and old alike. Every child grows up 

loving their plush toys.

This emotional bond never stops.

Creating a plush toy for a brand harnesses this 

deep-seated emotion.

Not only heightening the brand awareness, 

but also tapping into this cherished sentiment.

Social Media Branding

Brands have turned their attention to social media as a new source for marketing and are seeing tremendous success marketing with the voice of their own customers.

Businesses that use customer content on their websites, shopping apps, and advertising see better conversion and click-through rates.

A cute and creative plush toy can increase a brand’s presence by engaging customers.

It gives customers a reason to post and share with their own social communities.

Add a hangtag with a hashtag, making it easy for customers to join in the conversation!

A single Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube post can reach millions of people in a matter of hours.

Everyone loves a plush toy!

Making The World A Better Place

Whether given out by first responders to 

children in distress or as part of a 

fund-raising campaign, plush toys are a 

perfect product!

Millions of dollars have been raised and 

countless smiles created.

All from hand-made, well priced plush toys.

Plush toys can help make this world 

a better place!

Who uses plush

Making the world a softer place

Nearly Everyone!

Numerous companies and institutions utilize plush toys to promote their brand in a unique way.

Stuffed toys are the greatest giveaway item.

They have universal appeal and a high rate of retention.

No-one throws away a cute and cuddly stuffie!

And plush toys offer a variety of customization options, keeping a brand highly visible for years to come.