Custom Squeeze Toy

A fun and colorful way to give your brand some character. These can be made to look like nearly anything you can think of. Whether you want to create a custom mascot for an event, or a replica of a company’s product for a great trade show giveaway, or have a different idea altogether; the only limit is your imagination.

1 – Send us the design…

2 – Receive a quote…

Minimum order quantity – 2,500 pieces

3 – Plush toy prototyping…

Squeeze toy prototyping. Sample charges apply based on design. The factory makes a clay mold, which is then hand painted. Upon approval a pre-production sample is made, Tooling charges will apply. 

Production is 90 to 120 days.

4 – Toy making time…

Final product is polybagged and shipped. Our squeeze toys are tested by certified toy testing labs that perform U.S. CPSIA or Canada CCPSA tests, dependent on where the product is being delivered.

Examples shown are for reference only and cannot be reproduced. All designs, copyrights and trademarks are protected by their respective owners. 

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